Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

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VA One - Acoustic Finite Element Simulation Module

VA One Extension Modules let you quickly and easily extend and customize the core-functionality of VA One to meet your specific needs. The extension modules are individually licensed and enable you to tailor the functionality in VA One for specialized applications.


  • Scripting Modules:

    • Quickscript Module: inbuilt visual basic scripting language for creating custom processes and GUIs in VA One
    • Matlab(R) Developer Kit: interface VA One and Matlab
    • Python & C/C++ Developer Kit: interface VA One and C/C++/Python programs
  • CAD Import Modules: import and mesh CAD data from CATIA, PRO-E, STEP, Solidworks & NX
  • Stress Recovery Modules: provides functionality for recovering dynamic stress, strain and force across structural FE subsystems.
  • Grid solvers: automatically solve a VA One model in parallel across a cluster or network (ideal for speeding up large BEM and PEM models)
  • Sound Package Module: simplifies addition/removal of sound packages applied to SEA subsystems
  • Variance Module: predict confidence intervals and percentile limits for SEA results
  • Shock Module: predict shock response from an SEA model using the method of Virtual Mode Synthesis
  • Template Modeler and SEA automotive templates: a library of scripts for quickly creating and morphing template models. A set of templates for modeling airborne noise in various vehicles (SUV, Pickup truck, Four-Door Sedan, Minivan) is also available.
  • Nova: standalone utility for quick modeling of the response of layered poroelastic noise control treatments
  • Foam-X: standalone utility for quick characterization of the acoustic properties of open cell porous materials from impedance tube measurements
  • VTM Standalone: standalone solver for modeling the low frequency response of poroelastic materials using Finite Elements
  • Mid Frequency: Coupled FE/SEA Solver provides functionality for coupling FE and SEA subsystems together using the Hybrid FE-SEA method (8) + Power Injection Methods - Functionality for using EFM/EIC and VSEA
  • Buzz, Squeak, Rattle (BSR): Module Functionality for ranking noise due to rattle
  • Design Optimization: Provides inbuilt functionality for performing parameter updates, parameter variation, parameter optimization and Monte Carlo simulation
  • Aero-Vibro-Acoustics: Provides functionality for importing fluctuating surface pressure loads for use in a FSP load or characterizing a TBL source
  • FOAM LF (Low Freq): Finite Element modeling of foam materials and other noise control treatments using Biot parameters. This uses the FE-based poro-elastic material (PEM) modeling.
  • FOAM HF (High Freq): Transfer Matrix Method for modeling using Biot parameters.

Acoustic FE Module

Core and Advanced Extension Modules of VA One