Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.


Draping and Thermoforming Simulation

PAM-FORM, a composite forming simulation module within PAM-COMPOSITES, is used to simulate the preforming process of dry textiles or the thermoforming process of fiber reinforced composite materials made of thermoset or thermoplastic resins (organo-sheets).

PAM-FORM allows you to model a wide range of processes including:

  • stamping using two rigid molds
  • rubber pad forming
  • composites thermoforming
  • diaphragm forming pre-pregs forming simulation

Preforming simulation of an automotive B-Pillar

Preforming simulation of an automotive B-Pillar

This module can be used to predict phenomena such as:

  • fiber orientation
  • thickness distribution
  • optimum initial flat pattern
  • strains
  • stresses
  • bridging
  • wrinkling

Additionally, these results are available at the laminate level as well as the ply level, allowing you to predict a case of internal wrinkles, for example.

Thermoforming simulation of a thermoplastic aeronautic rib

PAM-FORM includes material models for UD (UniDirectional), NCF (Non Crimp Fabric), woven fabric, dry textile, thermoset prepreg and organo-sheet.

With PAM-FORM, manufacturing defects are eliminated and product quality is improved upfront in the product development process, before any tools are cut, thanks to optimization of the following areas:

  • tool velocity
  • temperature and pressure cycle
  • clamping conditions and force
  • laminate sequence, ply orientations
  • tooling design

Simulation can also be used later in the process to correct manufacturing issues after they are identified.

Animation of a simulation of a thermoplastic aeronautic rib

ESI group has a webinar covering PAM-FORM.