Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

ESI-VSS - Virtual Seat Simulation

ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS) seat design software is dedicated to the virtual prototyping of seats. With VSS, OEMs and seat suppliers can design, manufacture, test, improve and pre-certify their seat prototypes, all virtually, without the need for costly physical prototypes.

In a standard design process, you build real prototypes, test them, improve and iterate on them. Then you will usually discover issues and areas to improve upon, but this happens late in the development cycle. At that point, it may be too late or too costly to change your seat design.

Automotive seat application areas

With Virtual Seat Solution seat manufacturing simulation, however, you can test the performance of your seat before the design freeze and anticipate any manufacturing issues. This allows for more innovation and corrections early in the development cycle. You can assess all domains of performance (safety, whiplash, H-Point prediction, static & dynamic comfort, thermal comfort), using a single core model. This feature allows seat designers, seat engineers and seat specialists to work concurrently and efficiently. Using a single model, you can quickly assess trade-offs between different design options to enhance your virtual prototype.

Additionally, since Virtual Seat Solution accounts for the effects of manufacturing, it ensures extremely accurate prediction of seat performance. Thanks to case-specific dummies and human models, users can evaluate performance, precisely and accurately reflecting the interaction between seat and passengers.

Once you are ready to build the physical prototype, you can be sure it will be right the first time.

Aeronautic seat application areas

Measurable Benefits

With Virtual Seat Solution (VSS), you have the ability to:

  • Reduce cost and time-to-market by limiting the number of physical prototypes through an integrated End-to-End solution
  • Improve product quality and occupant safety by anticipating potential manufacturing and performance issues
  • Improve synergy within teams which leads to early management of conflicting seat design requirements
  • Design, manufacture, and test, all the way through to pre-certification, your full virtual seat prototypes

Partner Companies

Hyundai Since seats contain lots of components, it's very difficult to find the factors that influence the dynamic comfort of the seat. We tried to figure this out using VIRTUAL SEAT SOLUTION and reached our goal. This new way of working will help us save money and time effectively.

HAN, JI WON Body & Trim development team

Renault The models and methodology developed with Virtual Seat Solution enable the computation of predictive results, using only physical parameters and without any tuning of filtering. This good correlation between simulation and test results confirms the ability to assess the riding seat comfort in a full virtual process.

Jérôme Makala, Head of Comfort and Safety Research Department, Renault Group

Expliseat Virtual Prototyping is a proven industrial approach to pre-certify the manufacturing process and performance of an innovative product, such as our Titanium seat. Our experience working with ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution confirms the efficiency of this solution in speeding up innovation. Virtual Seat Solution has helped us reduce drastically the development time usually required to design an innovative product, and has allowed us to increase the business value of our company in record time!”

Vincent Tejedor, CTO of Expliseat

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