Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.


VisualDSS is the framework that enables you to make a final decision on the product. It allows you to make a seamless connection with various CAD systems to extract the data required for building the virtual tests. It allows you to build and chain several virtual tests upstream and downstream to achieve an integrated process. Simulation content of these virtual tests are collected and managed efficiently and appropriately by VisualDSS. It enables the capture, storage and reuse of your enterprise knowledge and best practices as well as the automation of repetitive and cumbersome tasks in your virtual prototyping process, and the propagation of engineering changes or design changes from one domain to another. Last but not least, it brings together several diverse teams, working on the same product, irrespective of the geography.

VisualDSS connects to customer enterprise information such as Product Data Management (PDM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and it integrates easily within the IT and data architecture of every company, by supporting most IT standards and linking to standard or corporate databases or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.

VisualDSS leverages customers' best corporate assets which are engineering expertise and simulation technology. It makes the best out of engineering talents by controlling, organizing and managing interactively produced intellectual property. VisualDSS, by optimizing these assets, helps enterprises deliver the best product at the best cost with a shorter time-to-market. Some of the core modules of VisualDSS are discussed below.

  • Multi-Domain Computer Model Management – Engineers can smartly build and maintain the two-directional link between CAD data stored in PLM systems and simulation domains. It allows you to propagate design and engineering changes across the virtual tests, while maintaining traceability of data throughout the virtual product development process.
  • CAE Process Automation – Automate repetitive and cumbersome CAE tasks in your virtual product development. Engineers can capitalize, share and deploy the organization's best practices within their extended ecosystem, thanks to this versatile module.
  • Project Workflow Management - You can capture operational procedures and deploy them across your organization. You can ensure timely execution of every activity with the right data and application associated with it, by the right user. Managers can track project status with project dashboards and act on critical paths.
  • Simulation Content Management – Source the simulation data from the different applications used in the entire simulation lifecycle and store it for future purposes of retrieval and traceability, versioning, data mining and archiving.
  • Systems Integration Framework – Integrate 3rd party legacy applications and other infrastructure such as job submission, PDM systems and much more, using the VisualDSS systems integration framework. You can integrate any system into VisualDSS to write appropriate adapters.
  • Reporting and Decision Support - The reporting system enables you to generate automated reports and dashboards. VisualDSS brings together the expertise scattered within your teams and the power of simulation and IT infrastructure so that you can make the best decisions with the right mix of knowledge, flexibility and responsiveness. VisualDSS offers a scalable solution which addresses workgroups in small, medium or large companies.