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ESI-VSS - Aeronautic Seat Simulation

Aircraft manufacturers need to increase aircraft capacity, improve passenger comfort and living space, while at the same time making the aircraft lighter and meeting safety requirements. ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS) aeronautic seat simulation takes care of all these requirements through calculations that account for material physics.

By leveraging the unique precision of Virtual Seat Solution, aircraft seat engineers are able to create virtual aeronautic seat prototypes and evaluate seat performance and comfort right from the early design phases. It empowers seat specialists to quickly explore different innovative aeronautic seat designs at an affordable cost, and ultimately pre-certify their designs before producing any physical prototype before manufacture.

Virtual Seat Solution covers the complete chain, from seat manufacturing to seat performance.

Be it for economy, business, first class or even pilot seats, Virtual Seat Solution empowers you to:

  • Virtually pre-certify your seat to ensure successful certification at first try-out
  • Predict seat occupant comfort
  • Predict living space, taking into account real seat deformation
  • Virtually test the seat performance for different passenger anthropometries and postures

Aeronautic Seat

Expliseat uses ESI Virtual Seat Solution to Develop the World’s Lightest Aircraft Seat

Virtual Prototyping is a proven industrial approach to pre-certify the manufacturing process and performance of an innovative product, such as our Titanium seat. Our experience working with ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution confirms the efficiency of this solution in speeding up innovation. Virtual Seat Solution has helped us reduce drastically the development time usually required to design an innovative product, and has allowed us to increase the business value of our company in record time!

Vincent Tejedor, CTO of Expliseat

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