Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

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PAM-STAMP - Die Compensation

(Multi-Operation) Die Compensation with PAM-STAMP

As well as for the evaluation of cosmetic defects, accurate modeling and a good process for the draw die is the precondition for successful compensation.

Before compensation

A part with 20mm springback – as an example - should not be compensated. Compensation can be applied to the drawing operation, or across multiple operations, with various strategies.

Compensation schemes available in PAM-STAMP

Arcelor and Renault validated springback compensation method for several parts

Roof cross member, HE450M (FB600), thickness 1.8 mm, Courtesy of Renault

B-Pillar reinforcement, steel grade: TRIP 800, thickness 1.2 mm

Atlas Tool, Inc. Develops a Sound Springback Compensation Process with the Help of PAM-STAMP Software

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“Advanced high-strength steels and particularly dual-phase steels are being utilized more and more by OEMs to improve safety, reduce weight and lower cost. The use of an advanced incremental simulation tool enables us to overcome the formability challenges posed by these materials and meet our customers’ requirements in as little time as possible. We believe our expertise with PAM-STAMP is a significant competitive advantage.”

Mark R. Schmidt, Atlas Tool’s President

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