Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

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PAM-STAMP - Cosmetic Defect Prediction

Cosmetic Defect Prediction with PAM-STAMP

The apparition of cosmetic defects is deeply linked to springback phenomenon. The detection of such small defects is thus only possible with a very precise simulation of springback, which has been proved to be possible with PAM-STAMP. It features new dedicated defect contours based on stoning or sensor for detection of the defects and their quantification. With such contour the user can easily localize the defects as it is done in the workshop and measure their depth and area.

Cosmetic Defect Prediction

AETHRA Automotive Systems anticipates critical aspect issues on large automotive body components with PAM-STAMP

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AETHRA Automotive Systems, with the help of ESI South America in Brazil, significantly improved the results in prediction and resolution of surface defects in external panels using PAM-STAMP . Today, to satisfy customer needs, we can test different strategies in the process development because we have confidence that we will see the same behavior in try-out.

A. Micheletti Viana, Mechanical Engineering - Formability

Wellington Caetano Soares, Mechanical Engineering - Formability

Arlem Picinin Campos, Simulation Manager

Typical problems in external panels can be predicted with simulation

PAM-STAMP Features